Exterior view of Villa Gwendrez

In a wild and privileged landscapes still intact, this superb villa, suddenly appeared at the turn of trails that meander along the coast between fragrant heather and gorse. Is discovered cradled in a peaceful valley while at his feet lies a beautiful beach, a paradise for surfers.

Behind it is the green countryside. No immediate neighbors, and there will not be, the site is classified as “NATURAL PROTECTED AREA”.

It is quiet, sometimes disturbed by the chirping of birds or the cry of a seagull. Uncirculated, in a unique and carefully preserved, this villa boasts a granite panoramic views of the open sea and the entire Bay Audierne meets your eyes, majestic.

In this haven of incomparable charm, where nature reigns, there is no need of a spa treatment to restore your health. The tonic and iodized air invigorates you instantly. The subtle fragrance of algae, plus the sound of the waves on the shore snorting, inviting you to relax and daydream beneficial.

The oceanic climate and invigorating enjoyed the Bay Audierne always amazes insiders unaware that this temperate marine air is liable to the Gulf Stream, the warm currents generously caress the shore.

Pointe du Raz, where land and sea meet with a crash, is next. We are in Cape Sizun, at the tip of Cornwall.


GPS Coordinates: 47.990493 / -4.476567